Mar. 27 – Class 18/ Collaborative Proposals

Welcome! Today students will present the revised Mobile Towers and their drawing and concept for the Final Project.

Welcome & A Warm-Up

  • Welcome
  • Warm-up led by Edison & Mukunde
    • Reminder: Sign-up here for 2 times to co-lead a warm-up activity (if you haven’t already)
    • Warm-up for next class is led by: Jasmin & Jamie

House Keeping

  1. Mid-semester feedback for Olivia:
  2. We will meet with the Animation Class on Wed. 3/29 for lunch and to get to know each other a bit. The meeting will take place from 1pm – 3pm.
    • Would anyone be able to stay until 3pm?
      • How many like these kinds of pizzas: Veg, Meat, Cheese?
  3. The final event will take place on Saturday, April 29. The event will take place for two hours that evening. Everyone will need to set-aside the day from noon-midnight for the event. See all details on the page for Final Event FAQs.



  • Continue with another 10 minutes of slides from the slideshow began last week.
  • Lanscape & Structures Slideshow
  • Double-Walled Construction Slideshow

Drawing & Concepts Presented

Students will present a drawing and concept for the final project for feedback from the whole class.

Skills for Collaboration

What are some skills that you have found make for a productive collaboration?

  • Communication
  • Check-ins
  • Conflict resolution
  • Awareness of others’ expectations
  • Awareness of others’ working habits
  • Listening! Listening! Listening!
  • Speaking Up
  • Appreciation for your collaborators
  • Valuing the people over the product

Collaboration communication worksheet

Conflict resolution role-playing worksheet

View Mobile Towers

We will view the revised and complete Mobile Tower projects.


The following are due by the beginning of class, Wednesday, 3/29:

  • Revisions of your Project Proposals based upon feedback from 3/27.

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