Assignments & Projects

There are multiple shorter assignments, project proposals, and a major project for a large event at the end of the course. Each assignment, project, and proposal will be presented to the entire class. All assignments are due at the start of the class on the due date indicated. Due dates for each assignment are listed on the course schedule. Late Final Projects will not be accepted (without special advance permission). Other late assignments will be will lose 10 points for each day late (without special advance permission).

Collaborative Event: We will have a public showcase at the end of the semester. Everyone is required to participate in the set-up, presentation, and take-down of the event. The date of the event will be solidified very soon.

Participation and Engagement

Participation includes attendance in class, active participation in the class community, stewardship of communal space and resources, helping peers, contributing to discussion and critiques, attentive listening, general demeanor and respect of peers, faculty, and staff.

Each student will start the semester with 10 points. The following infractions will cause deductions of one point for each occurrence, at the discretion of the professor. You may or may not receive a warning before receiving a demerit:

  • Unexcused lateness (more than 10 minutes)
  • Repeated tardiness (less than 10 minutes)
  • Active Facebooking, texting & social media use
  • Open laptops during a guest presentation
  • Interrupting someone who is speaking
  • Inappropriate remarks or other behavior
  • This list is not exhaustive.

Grading Breakdown Summary

Your final grade is the sum of your Participation and your Projects, i.e.:
(Participation and Engagement) + (Projects and other Deliverables).

  • Participation and Engagement are straightforwardly calculable from your attendance record and any demerits (see above) you may have incurred.
  • Projects and Deliverables are graded as above, A-F.

Specific point structure, equalling 100 points:

  • Assignment 1 = 5 points
  • Assignment 2 = 10 points
  • Assignment 3 = 10 points
  • Assignment 4 = 15 points
  • Assignment 5 = 40 points
  • Class Participation: 10 points

(Credit: The text above is adapted from syllabi by Golan Levin.)