If you become ill….

Please Communicate and Take Care

We are all under a lot of uncertainty at this time, which can be very stressful. Make sure to move regularly, eat well, and reach out to your support system or Olivia if you need to. Please keep an open dialogue with us about ways that we or the course can best support you.

Illness and Quarantine

If you become ill or need to quarantine/isolate because of covid, do not try to come to class. If you are not feeling sick, but you must quarantine, let us know ahead of time and we will zoom you into class so you can keep up to date. If you are sick, please just rest and give your body time to recover.

Possible Class Recordings

For this course, I might be recording class sessions and making them available to you for your personal, educational use. If I do record, I will upload the recordings to the class canvas site.

Recordings of class sessions are covered under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and must not be shared with anyone outside your course-section. The purpose of these recording is so students in this course (only students in this course) can watch or re-watch past class sessions. Feel free to use the recordings if you would like to review something we discussed in class or if you are temporarily unable to attend class. If I do record a class, I will let you know.