7.6. Day 6: (Jul 13) One Input One Output

Notes for Jul 13, 2017. See also the Calendar.

7.6.1. Notes from Day 5

7.6.2. Agenda

  1. Administrative
    1. Tomorrow: meet in library lobby promptly before 3PM to go to Kickback Cafe
  2. Assignments
    1. Tomorrow: play games, but also find a particularly interesting game feature, record a short video, and prepare to discuss it on Tuesday.
    2. Before Tuesday: upload the video to either the class Google folder or an online service and send me a link.
    3. July 14 Kickback Cafe Google folder.
  3. In-class
    1. Discussion of event loops: Event Loop Programming
    2. Exercise: Single-input Single-output System.
      1. New groups: (TH, IB) (MA, EF, SE) (CF, KM) (MT, BD)