7.20. Day 20: (Aug 8) Negotiated Consensus, then Panic, Panic, Panic

Notes for Aug 8, 2017. See also the Calendar.

7.20.1. Notes from Day 19

7.20.2. Agenda

  1. Administrative
    1. Today: I’m happy to stay until the library closes at 6PM.
    2. Friday:
      1. 8:00AM: meet in lab to set up
      2. 9:30-10:00AM: opening session (w/ coffee and pastries)
      3. 11:10AM-11:40AM: project presentation, in the McKenna/Peter/Wright space
      4. 11:45AM-1:15PM: lunch, Rangos (including awards, etc).
      5. 1:15-1:30PM: post-lunch free-play
      6. 3:00PM: group photo
      7. 3:30PM: break-down: meet at to carry everything back
  2. Assignments
    1. Who is going to present on Friday?
  3. In-class
    1. Tell each other what you are going to do.