Project 0

Due Sep 5, Peer grading due Sep 12

Install Nyquist on your computer.
Play some sounds with the Sound Browser (find Browse button or menu item). Report any problems on Piazza!
Install Audacity on your computer. Record and view a sound. Try the spectral view. Report any problems on Piazza!
Make a sound on Nyquist by executing the following command (type in the input window, upper left):

play pluck(c4)

Look carefully at the output window and you will see that Nyquist saves the computed sound. Find that sound on your computer and rename it to p0.wav.

Create a plain text file named p0.txt. You can put any text in it.
Combine p0.wav and p0.txt in a zip file named and submit this to Submission instructions are here.
Read and sign the Academic Integrity Policy form and return it in class next week.
Grading: You will receive full autograde credit if p0.wav is correctly computed and handed in with p0.txt. If you fail to get Nyquist or Audacity running without telling anyone immediately, you will suffer enough sooner or later.
After the grading deadline, you will be asked to grade 3 submissions from your peers. This should be very easy, but if there are any problems, get help on Piazza so Project 1 will go smoother.