Mathematical Sequences

Team Members: Alia Friedman, Ariel Uy, Hiroshi Wu, Jessica Xiao, Joshua Cheng Our show features a visual presentation of five mathematical sequences: Perfect Squares, Pi, Fibonacci Sequence, Prime Numbers, and the Pythagorean Theorem. While mathematical sequences are inherently numerical, the visualization of these sequences and their proofs can be quite beautiful. Therefore, we not only
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Persephone and Hades: A Tale of Blooming Love and Frosty Separation

Title: Persephone and HadesLight Show for the Pausch Bridge, Spring 2021 CMU Interdisciplinary Team  Juhi Agrawal – BS Computer Science Jonathan Loungani –  BS Computer Science Vera Schulz – MS Integrated Innovation for Products and Services Michelle Yue – BS Electrical & Computer Engineering Nicole Yu – BS Design  Introduction to Our Project: “Working in
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Reality Check: Global Warming

Group 3 Team Members: Claudia Osorio, Bradley Teo, Shreya Bahl, Matthew Weisgable, & Sanah Imani This show focuses on the effects of global warming on the world and how sustainability practices can be used to solve the issues. As environmental conservation and safety become significant concerns, we were drawn to understanding the dire consequences through
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