Admin: configuring Raspbian for the course

Note: this guide is only necessary for administrators setting up a fresh software install for the Raspberry Pi. This is only required if setting up a new SD card image based on a new Raspbian distribution. The course materials for the Raspberry Pi add various packages and a puppet-based update system on top of the stock Raspbian.

These instructions are rough and should be updated as the system evolves.

  1. Follow the standard directions to download and boot a Raspbian image. See and
  2. The Pi needs to be connected to a monitor and keyboard for the very first boot in order to respond to some one-time initialization prompts.  After that, it can be operated solely as an ethernet device if desired.
  3. The Pi will need to be brought up to the point where the internet is accessible, either plugged into a local network, or sharing the network via another computer.
  4. The general instructions for the courseware update system install are here:
  5. Update the package system index and do a general upgrade of all packages:
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get upgrade
  6. The courseware update system uses the ‘puppet’ package. To install:
    sudo apt-get install puppet
  7. To install the update system:
    cd /etc/puppet/modules
    sudo git clone
  8. Run the update script once in-place for initial configuration:
    sudo python /etc/puppet/modules/pi_puppet/files/bin/pi_update
    sudo apt-get clean
  9. After the initial configuration, full updates can be performed as follows:
    sudo pi_update
  10. The /opt/cmuphyscomp folder contains a package of source code and binaries.  The source code is checked out from public Internet sites, some binaries are compiled on the Pi itself, some binaries are downloaded.  To recreate or update this folder, run the following script:
    sudo setup_cmuphyscomp
  11. Note that the previous setup script also creates files in /usr/local.  This means that the best way to duplicate the system is to take a full image of the SD card; the contents of /opt/cmuphyscomp are not quite enough.
  12. The /opt/openFrameworks folder contains an openFrameworks installation for writing C++ graphics and vision programs and is intended for advanced users. To recreate or update this folder, run the following script, which can take an hour or more:
    sudo apt-get clean
    sudo setup_openframeworks