Autonomous Robot Part 2 – Boo! Ghosty Autonomous Robot

Annamarie Rose, Wole Idowu, Nkinde Ambalo


Ghosty is an autonomous little robot who is adventurous and loves to explore his surrounds. However, unlike a normal ghost, he doesn’t like to scare people. Instead they actually scare him! His vision line is a proximity sensor that tells him when he had gotten too close to something. He then gets spooked and flails his arms and reverses his course. At the moment, We have completed him as far as to roll forwards, and stop when an obstacle is seen. He continues forward when there is no one in front of him anymore, and he does all of this using one proximity sensor. There are also servos attached so that he covers his eyes with cardboard for a few seconds when he sees an obstacle in his way.

This was accomplished using an arduino connected to a proximity sensor and a motor circuit. We have so far only gotten the Motor to work by powering the pins connected to it on or off by a signal from a PWM pin on the arduino.

Circuit Diagram:



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