Final Project Sketch – Emotion Sensing

Facial expressions are one of the primary ways we interact with and read human emotion. Emotion can also be sensed with biometric signals such as heart rate and skin conductance resistance (SCR). Our project will map these signals to four emotion states – happy, sad, neutral, angry – and display them through an LED light.

Previous academic research indicates that heart rate and SCR can be mapped in the following ways to indicate emotion:
– high/high = happy
– low/medium = sad
– low/low = neutral
– high/medium = angry

We will be using a pulse sensor to measure heart rate and will be building a Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) sensor to measure skin conductance resistance. We will then process the data to map it to each emotion state. The sensors will be placed on two finger tips and the LED display will be clipped to a t-shirt. The happy state will be indicated by a purple light, sad state by a blue light, neutral state by a green light, and angry state by a red light.