6.5. Day 3: Brainstorming

Notes for 2015-09-09. See also the Fall 2015 Calendar.

6.5.1. Notes from Day 2

  • Questions about breadboards. Also, see Essential Skills List.
  • The meters can’t read even register a red LED diode drop in diode test mode, but the diode function will work on a 1N914 or similar small diode
  • LEDs versus bulbs.
  • Many questions about lab notebook reflections. Basically, keep it productive for both yourself and me.
  • Pacing: we will be on Unit 1 exercises until Sep 23, spanning roughly five class days; make sure your pace works for you.

6.5.2. Agenda

  1. Administrative
    • Please let me know today if your card is not working for swipe access.
    • Fire safety for the laser cutter.
    • During class: individual research presentation sign-ups.
    • Returning notebooks soon.
  2. Assignments
    • End of today (9/9): First notebook review on whatever you have so far.
    • Please look carefully at the description in Research Talk and ask any questions.
  3. In-class

6.5.3. Video