6.6. Day 4: Project 1 Kickoff (Sep 14)

Notes for 2015-09-14. See also the Fall 2015 Calendar.

6.6.1. Notes from Day 3

  1. Lab notebooks: most people behind pace; notes mostly fine; reflections could use focus.
  2. Lateness and format. Please don’t make my life hard, I want to give you prompt feedback.
  3. Keeping me informed.
  4. New laser cutter exercise. I will be writing more. See Unit 1 Exercises: Energy, Information, Transduction.
  5. IDeATe is planning a significant presence at Maker Faire Oct 10 and 11. Stay tuned.

6.6.2. Agenda

  1. Assignments
    • By end of class: find a partner for your first project.
    • Sep 16: Project 1 proposal. See Proposal Prompt.
  2. In-class
    • First round of research talks (25 minutes).
    • Questions about capabilities? (10 minutes).
    • Quick round of project 1 pitches (35 minutes). Two suggested approaches for finding a project partner:
      1. We convene around project leaders who pitched ideas.
      2. We divide the class based on electronics skill.
    • Optional laser cutter training session (20 minutes).
    • Continue Unit 1 exercises. See Unit 1 Exercises: Energy, Information, Transduction.