6.11. Day 9: Arduino Tutorial (Sep 30)

Notes for 2015-09-30. See also the Fall 2015 Calendar.

6.11.1. Notes from Day 8

  1. Excellent project presentations.
  2. Brief followup on equipment usage.

6.11.2. Agenda

  1. Administrative

    • Mandatory fire safety training for the laser cutters, please sign up with EH&S if you have not previously received training. If you forget to sign up, you can still just show up:

      Sep 30, Wed, 11:40am-12:40pm, Experimental FabLab (A5)
      Oct  1, Thu,  9:30am-10:40pm, Experimental FabLab (A5)
    • How many people need the fire safety training but are unable to attend? So far I know of only one.

  2. Assignments

    • Due today: Project 1 report.
    • Due Mon Oct 5: group 2 selection. I encourage switching partners. I have not yet published the project 2 brief but will have it soon.
    • Soon: third round of research talks on Monday, please send me your URLs.
  3. In-class