6.13. Day 11: Project 2 Definition (Oct 7)

Notes for 2015-10-05. See also the Fall 2015 Calendar.

6.13.1. Notes from Day 10

I sincerely hope this wasn't due to any members of this class.
  1. Maker Faire participants: if you have not positively identified your project to Kelly Delaney, please do so immediately.
  2. Oct 23: IDeATe open house and President Suresh’s Global Advisory Council and Academic Leadership Council
  3. There are a regular series of fire extinguisher training sessions still ongoing: sign up at the CMU BioRAFT site. This site can also show you whether you were previously certified.
  4. I am pushing back and simplifying the project 2 proposal deadline to focus your attention on technical details and acknowledge the late posting of the prompt.
  5. Added new music sequencer exercise to introduce the idea of interpretation, C++ class structure, and simultaneous processes. See Unit 2 Exercises: Signals, Time, and Dynamics.
  6. Comments from report reviews.
    1. Process versus result documentation.
    2. Voltage dividers.
    3. Schematic capture.
    4. Event-loops.
    5. Grading

6.13.2. Agenda

  1. Administrative
    • Purchase requests.
  2. Assignments
    • Fri Oct 12: project 2 proposal. Keep the text minimal, I want your energy go toward thinking through the drawings and proof-of-concept statement. How much can you work out now before you start building? Could I construct your proof-of-concept from your drawing?
    • Mon Oct 12: project 2 proof-of-concept.
  3. In-class