2.4. Project ReportsΒΆ

All projects require an accompanying report document in PDF format. An outline of specific prompt questions will be provided for each assignment, with a denotation of specific required and optional elements. The following specifies the detailed formatting requirements for all reports. The content itself should generally follow the Project Report Template.

  1. The purpose of the report is to present the project as a completed artifact or demonstration. The emphasis is on relating its performance to the human needs of the objectives and explaining the technical choices of the implementation. The details of the development process are only important to the degree to which they explain specific features of the outcome.
  2. All report documents must be submitted as PDF files. Original document formats (.doc, Word, .tex, etc.) will be returned unread.
  3. Report documents must be submitted within a single zip file which also contains the implementation supporting code and engineering files.
  4. Each group must submit one joint report. If a group member fails to fulfill their documentation role, the other group members should submit what they can on time and ask for an extension with an explanation.
  5. Each report should clearly attribute the contribution of each group member. Individual grades may be adjusted from group grades if it becomes apparent that contribution is not equitable. A separate confidential peer evaluation may be requested individually from each group member at the instructor’s discretion.
  6. Reports must generally include a statement of objectives, general description, results, photos, technical documentation, and citations of related work.
  7. Any project photos must be embedded within the PDF document.
  8. Project videos must be uploaded to the hosting service of your choice and an active, clickable link provided within the body of the PDF report. Please check the documentation of your authoring software if you need help making your links active.
  9. Project videos must adhere to the minimum and maximum duration limits, including titles and credits.
  10. Project videos are encouraged to include a title and credits.
  11. In general, enough technical documentation must be provided that a person of equal skill could replicate the construction of the project.
  12. All program source code is required and must be provided within the single zip file. Source code should be provided in original format.
  13. Electronic schematics and fabrication diagrams must be provided in PDF form, either embedded in the main report or as a separate PDF. Schematics must reflect the as-built state. Schematics must use conventional symbols and notation. Hand-drawn or illustrated schematics are acceptable, but the use of schematic capture software such as EAGLE is recommended as it will help reduce errors. Breadboard diagrams are not acceptable substitutes.
  14. Mechanical drawings or sketches must be provided in PDF form, either embedded in the main report or as a separate PDF. Mechanical drawings must clearly specify the scale and units.
  15. Any original CAD files are required. Multi-file designs (typical for SolidWorks) must be provided within the single zip file.
  16. Formatting and typography are at your discretion. However, beautiful graphic design won’t be rewarded, so please use your effort wisely.