3.13. Project Report Template

This course puts a heavy emphasis on careful documentation of projects and meaningful reflection on outcomes and process. The technical specifications for projects reports are in the Project Reports section. Following are the general prompts for expected content for the main report text in outline form.

  1. Project Title

    1. Author 1, Author 2
    2. Submission Date
    3. URL of project video (not to exceed specified limit, generally one minute)
  2. Abstract

    Provide a brief paragraph summarizing the overall goals and results.

  3. Objectives

    State your goals, and discuss what specific features are within scope for the project.

  4. Implementation

    Discuss your design choices.

  5. Outcomes

    Discuss the successes and failures of your choices.

  6. Contribution

    Please provide a clear statement of each author’s individual contribution to the outcomes.

  7. Photo Documentation.

    Provide captioned photos which support your discussion. Please consider the purpose of each photo and write a caption which helps the reader understand your intent.

  8. Citations

    Please provide references or links to related work.

3.13.1. Required Supporting Material

As detailed in Project Reports, the following additional elements must be included separately from the main report text:

  1. electronic schematics
  2. mechanical drawings
  3. source code
  4. CAD files