9.5. Day 5: (Sep 14) Actuation

Notes for 2016-09-14. See also the Fall 2016 Calendar.

9.5.1. Agenda


  • Remember: first tech demo video due Monday. Please add your post to the ‘Demos’ category.
  • Reminder: first set of snap talks due Monday, please check in if you are due.

Previous Single-Input Single-Output ideas

These are projects from Fall 2014 and Fall 2015. Note that several of these
strayed from the strict “1 input 1 output” constraint.
  1. Posture Pillow: auditory slouch feedback
  2. emotive classroom: motion sensitive light blind (model-scale)
  3. Twitch: motion-sensitive actuated origami
  4. The Laziest Susan: a sensor-controlled motorized rotating table
  5. Visual Sound: sound visualizer to assist the hearing impaired
  6. The Magic Carpet: sensor-controlled foot massager
  7. SpaceInvader: desk-sweeping work timer
  8. Bike Box: automatic headphone volume control regulated by bike speed
  9. Read Your Baby: sound-analyzing baby monitor
  10. The Sunshine Window: light-responsive dynamic window shutter
  11. Ambient Bike-Sound System: automatic headphone volume control regulated by bike speed
  12. Sustainable Agriculture: plant watering system responsive to human proximity
  13. Heated Jacket: automatic electrically heated jacket
  14. Needy Plant: hug-responsive plant watering system
  15. Finding Patterns in Sound: sound visualizer using persistence of vision
  16. Anxious LIttle Individual: sound-controlled puppet
  17. Coffee Cooler: temperature-controlled fan
  18. Social Stimulus Mask: interaction-controlled illuminated mask
  19. Anti-Social Robot: proximity-controlled mobile robot
  20. Freemium Speech: coin-operated megaphone
  21. Wearable Turn Signals: gesture-controlled wearable bike signals
  22. Blenderhelper: notebook-activated paper shredder
  23. Culo and The Sound of Attraction: pair of proximity-controlled sound generators
  24. Breath Visualization Meditation Goggles
  25. Perry the Predator Pillow: alarm clock pillow
  26. The Time Out: proximity-controlled hourglass
  27. Musical Plant: audio sculpture controlled touching a plant


  • Arduino C++ Q&A.
  • Actuator exercises.

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