9.15. Day 15: (Oct 19) Team Building Micro-Project

Notes for 2016-10-19. See also the Fall 2016 Calendar.

9.15.1. Notes from Day 14

9.15.2. Agenda

  1. Administrative
    • clearances: I think I still need four replies
  2. Assignments
    • due Wed Oct 26: project groups worked out, verbal project pitch
    • due Mon Oct 31: full project proposal
  3. In-class
    • snap talks
    • quick tutorial with 15mm aluminum extrusion
    • team building micro-project
      1. Find a partner for this micro-project. A few groups of three are acceptable.
      2. Choose a small-scale museum project idea. Don’t spend more than five minutes selecting; there isn’t commitment yet, it’s more important to practice the process. Some approaches:
      3. Identify roles within the pair or group. You’ll need to divide labor and coordinate; there isn’t time to do everything together. So one person might start drawing parts to laser cut while the other wires up the core circuit.
      4. Zach will circulate and comment on museum compatibility. Please be prepared to give a 20 second project pitch.
      5. Garth will circulate and advise on technical solutions.
      6. We’ll finish these by the end of class on Monday; keep it scaled to do in the three in-class hours we have.
        • recommended: use sound for output, wire up one speaker and use one the audio sketches as a starting point
        • alternative: think through a simple kinetic sculpture which can be motorized
        • choose a logical sensing modality
        • what will make it delightful? where’s the magic?
        • the physical structure should include mounting the sensors to create an interface
        • don’t worry about wiring mess or locating the breadboard or Arduino