Design Example: Stepper-Driven Turntable


This example demonstrates combining an off-the-shelf lazy-susan bearing with a stepper motor. The bearing provides robust support for a load attached to the output gear. The gears provide a reduction stage to increase the precision and torque output of the stepper motor. The result is a low-precision but low-cost laser-cuttable rotation stage.

The SolidWorks model files and individual DXF cutting files may be found in the FlatPackExample/Stepper-Turntable folder, or may be downloaded as a single file as


top front


Not to scale.

../_images/turntable-base.png ../_images/pan-spur-gear-64-tooth.png ../_images/pinion-spur-gear-20-tooth.png ../_images/pinion-spur-gear-key.png