3.4. Day 4: Exercises and Skills (Sep 14)

Notes for 2015-09-14. See also Fall 2015 Calendar and Log Book.

3.4.1. Notes from Day 3

  • Checking out equipment from desk.
  • This class is somewhat freeform, but you need to acquire more skills, and you need to help each other.
  • Lab ‘notebook’ reminder.
  • Calendar adjustments.

3.4.2. Agenda

  1. Administrative
    • Finishing stepper driver installation.
    • Sign up for a slot for research presentation by the end of class. See Research Paper Presentation.
    • Looking ahead: next class I’ll discuss finding research papers.
  2. Assignments
    • for Wed: come prepared to pitch one or two project ideas
  3. In-class
    • Capabilities discussion (Q&A).
    • Optional Python crash course. See Python by Example.
    • Unit 1 exercises.