3.3. Day 3: Brainstorming Projects (Sep 9)

Notes for 2015-09-09. See also Fall 2015 Calendar and Log Book.

3.3.1. Notes from Day 2

  • Excellent presentations, everyone.
  • We agreed to move the brainstorming session up to Day 3. See Ideation Exercise 1.
  • We were making a good start on the “Puppet Game” exercise, we should quickly share outcomes.

3.3.2. Agenda

  1. Administrative
    • Skipped: sign up for a slot for research presentation by the end of class. See Research Paper Presentation.
    • Do we need a Python crash course?
  2. Exercises
    • In-class brainstorming: Ideation Exercise 1.
    • Continue/finish “Exercise: G-Code Stepper Motor Motion”.
    • Unit 1 exercises

3.3.3. Videos Jordan Wolfson, (Female Figure) Motoman SDA10D motions

(Showed a personal video, not on-line.)