1.4. Course Policies

1.4.1. Attendance Policy

Coming to class is critical. Don’t be absent.

1.4.2. Lateness Policy

All reports must be submitted by the required deadline, unless prior authorization is obtained from an instructor and documented in email. Verbal authorization is not sufficient: any verbal discussion of late submission must be backed up with an emailed request and reply.

Reports received within 24 hours of the deadline will receive half-score. Reports received later than 24 hours will not be examined and receive zero score.

Reports bounced for revision at the discretion of the instructor must be returned within 24 hours if not otherwise specified. This rule is meant to allow a grace period for reports which overlook a required element; please do not assume that incomplete work can be resubmitted.

However, please remember that something is always better than nothing. If the deadline is imminent, please submit whatever text, images, and drawings you can rather than do nothing.

1.5. IDeATe Facilities Policies

Please read and become familiar with the IDeATe lending and purchasing policies, which can be accessed at https://resources.ideate.cmu.edu. The IDeATe facilities are shared student resources and spaces. As such, all members of the IDeATe community are expected to be respectful of the equipment, the spaces, and fellow students and their projects. Always clean up after completing your work, put things back in their correct place, and leave the lab in better condition than you found it.

Students may be required to purchase materials to complete class projects. For convenience, some materials are available for borrowing and for purchase at IDeATe Lending (Hunt A29).