Clock: We chose the gains below since it caused the hands to be speedy and go directly to the time, with little to no oscillation.

P_gain = .1
D_gain = .07

Choreography: We decided to build a simulation that explored something like a game of tag between two robots, where one robot, when it sensed the other robot, would immediately try to “chase” it, and the other robot, when it sensed the first robot, would try to move away. Our objective was to experiment with having two robots interact when each produces a contrasting response to the distance sensor locating an obstacle. When doing this, we expected to produce a controlled sequence where one robot was moving towards the other, but now it seems like the “hunter” robot is bullying the “prey” bot, who seems to shy away from everything in the arena. The hunting robot also looks oddly like a snake when fixated on the movements of the other robot, since it’s programmed to attempt to stay in the minimum distance from the sensed object.

Link to zip folder: