• p_gain = 2
  • d_gain = 0


This configuration causes the system to have no error correction, so it oscillates back and forth past its target forever. However, its average position (the center of the oscillation) should be at the target.



This project explores the importance of context with any form of information, exploring how mechanisms may react to instructions that aren’t their own. Each of the two arms has a sensor at the end that provides the information necessary for the arm to focus on a target. However, in our experiment, the two arms only receive information/instruction from their partner, putting two perfectly functional sensing arms in a world clearly detached from reality. The clock provides a true, but loose idea of what the arms are perceiving. To add extra variability and provide stimulus for the sensor arms, a pair of spheres with contrasting physics were added to the system along with an impeller to promote motion.






Relevant Files:

World File:

  • “borrowed-vision-world” (WBT File)

Controller Files:

  • “impeller2” (Pyhton File)
  • “two_link_sensor” (Python File)
  • “clock.py” (Python File)