idea of the structure that will exist inside the suitcase

What is your artistic inquiry?

  • How can I take an existing environment that is infinitely large and represent it in a smaller within a suitcase? 

How is this idea expressed using movement and behavior?

  • I am still unsure on the full structure that I wanted to create; however, this was my idea so far. I would ideally like to find a way to stack motors under the central structure so that I can have external arms that are moving “planets” that orbit around the central structure. These “planets” would all move at different speeds so there are none moving at the same speed around the central structure. Each planet would have a distance sensor facing into the central “star.” I was initially thinking that every time a “rocket” which would also be a rotating object around the central “star,” would align with one of the planets the whole system would stop moving for a allocated wait time and then continue moving.

How and why is your work related to the suitcase?

  • This work would be related to my suitcase such that I am taking something that scientifically has been proven to not be confined in terms of boundaries (outer space) and putting in a small environment such as a suitcase.
  • I would ideally like to have a suitcase with a dark/black interior to represent space just to have a more theatrical effect to my structure.