My project pitch is inspired by the nature of circular motion motors used in the testing phase and the idea of music. The general theme will follow the idea of a “vintage cd player”, as shown in the picture below. But I would add more details to create a tiny world of music in the cd player. For example, I can add characters to the surface of the cd player that will bounce up and down to the music, using the surface of the cd player as their stage.

One of the main ideas involved is how the stage motion and motors could be related to music. I will have a speaker on the side, and a list of songs for the audience to select. A pre-written program could process the music being chosen, and feed different speeds into the motors based on its BPM, the average pitch, and other interesting criteria we can isolate in music. Thus, choosing different music may also produce a different kind of performance, and the audience can interact with the machine by picking the music he or she enjoys. It is also possible to have the audience search up any music on youtube, but it is yet undecided.

It would also be interesting to add modern elements to a vintage music player, say build a rock band stage with things below