Ebrahim Karam & Evangeline Mensah-Agyekum

What is the central artistic inquiry of your ideas?

Can you see yourself in a piece itself and project yourself onto it?

Description of the Idea

The observer answers a few questions on an LCD screen using yes no buttons. As he reaches the final answer, the PLDC reveals a bloom, and an RGB strobe light begins.
The PLDC would also reveal a mirror at the back of the suitcase.
There is an ultrasound sensor on top of the mirror that would measure how far the observer is to their own reflection. As the observer moves closer or further the RGB colors changes.

After a few minutes, the system completely resets. Let’s say 5 minutes.

Sketch of the Ideal Scenario

What are the technical Challenges?

One question is how do we unveil the centerpiece and veil it repeatedly. We are currently thinking of using a PDLC

PLDC in usage

Having the Bloom land the effect with multiple RGB colors might be a bit of a challenge as well.

Will the PLDC be able to pass enough visual aspects to the observer that they would be intrigued to step closer?

What’s the quick proof of Concept?

The centerpiece is the bloom and we are skeptical if this would work or not with the RBG lights and servo motors we have.

A quick Sketch of what the simplest proof of concept would be.

Material and Tools Needed

  • Arduino Board
  • Servo Motors
  • 3D printed Bloom
  • RGB LEDs
  • Reflective materials
  • Mirrors
  • LCD screen for the questions
  • 2 Buttons
  • Ultrasound Sensor