The last week has been about setting up the electronics and assembling things into the suitcase.

We laser cut the acrylic covering for our main components as well as the pieces for the light projections; then we tested how the light looks when passed through the pieces. We attached the silver mylar to the fans and observed how it looked with them spinning. On the electronics front, we wired up all of the fans and servos to the Arduino.

We got everything to fit under the acrylic covering and have determined next steps: laser cut a covering to go under the fans for all of the electronics to hide under, fasten the fans and middle servo to this piece, laser cut shorter pieces for the light projections, attach the servos for light rotation, and position the LED strips.

We have programs for all of the different pieces, and have planned out a sequence of events for the cycle rotation: starting with no movement and white lights to represent winter, we will transition gradually into pink lights and slow fan movement. The speeds will pick up and lights will “dance” between pinks and purples. Then we will have some flashes of white for lightning and a sudden break in movement. We will keep the small fans on and change the lights to yellow/green for summer breezes. Winds will pick up after some time and fall will happen with red and orange lights.

Today, we will work on finishing assembly and making one program that will run all of our components at once.

We were wondering if our piece could be placed in a darker place for the gallery show.

Also modeled mounts for servo controlling lights