The Main Concept

The viewer is drawn in by the piece. The piece then activates to show you an animated figure that is illuminated by a blue light.

This figure transforms from a fetus into an angel. As you step in closer to observe the figure and to also get a closer look at yourself in the mirror in the back, the figure is illuminated by a red light instead and now instead transforms into a devil.

There are quotes and questions at the back for the viewer to stop and ponder.

“The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely”

carl Jung

Has the guest accepted themselves completely with their good and bad traits?

Are you at peace with your demons?

There are videos of the project in the link below.


We made a model that had red demonic features and blue angel-like features. These features would appear under different lights.

The final product

You might not see much with the frame rate of the phone recording.

A person mesmerized by the peace

The Trial with Evangeline. To show which sensors get triggered

This shows from A POV what the guest would see