Project Conceptual Statement

As a group, please write a short blog post with a revised and refined project concept. The primary objective is to reformulate your individual ideas and interests into a joint project. This will require continued thinking through the artistic purpose and visualizing the final result.

Please be sure to address the course themes specifically:

The general prompt questions from the Project Pitch exercise are also still relevant.

Learning Objectives

  1. Collaboratively developing an artistic concept for a kinetic sculpture installation.

  2. Visualizing a kinetic visual representation of an artistic concept.

  3. Scaling an idea to match technical constraints and resolving it within limitations.


Short blog post including:

  1. A one-paragraph statement of the concept. Think of this as the gallery text or program notes for the piece; suggest the intent and outcome. But please keep this in plain language, that’s more clear and natural than academic discourse.

  2. Concept sketches illustrating what a viewer might see.

  3. Please identify a candidate set of hardware and software resources which could feasibly implement the idea.