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This is the course guide for Robotics for Creative Practice, cross-listed as 16-375 and 54-375. This collaborative course brings art and engineering together into making performance machines which are surprisingly animate. It explores interdisciplinary practice at the intersection of drama, music, and robotics. Students develop group projects culminating in a public performance. Within this process the top-level objective is a reflection on the nature and process of interdisciplinary collaboration.

Fall 2022 News

For Fall 2022, the course will be held in the IDeATe Physical Computing Lab, Hunt A10, on the library lower level. We may also make use of Hunt A5 or A10A as a project space.

The curriculum for this course constantly evolves, and for Fall 2022 we will focus on robotic performance instruments. This inquiry explores the practiced relationship between a human performer and an automated instrument. Ideally this creates a synthesis of human intent and machine capability, merging human intuition and cognition, machine behavior, and physical dynamics to create performances not possible by either human or machine.

Within this investigation we’ll explore the key principles of this course: an exploration of embodied behavior as a creative medium, collaborative development of systems for storytelling and human interaction, and a final show or performance.


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