Day 2: (Thu Sep 1, Week 1) Webots Simulator Introduction

Notes for 2021-09-01.

New Assignments

  1. New assignment, due Tuesday noon: Exercise: Pendulum de Deux


  1. Most of you completed the RCP Fall 2022 Skill Survey, thank you.

  2. Several of you have filled RCP F22 office hours poll, thank you.

  3. Did anyone have trouble getting the simulator and Python installed?

  4. Anyone try their card with the door lock?

Words of the Day

Note: Non-Glossary

  1. kinematics, degrees of freedom, state

  2. control, closed-loop, feedback

  3. movement primitive


  1. tour of the Webots robot simulator

    1. introduction to kinematics

    2. dynamic models

    3. contact models

  2. walkthrough of exercise Python control code

  3. in-class experimentation with simulator