Day 26: (Tue Dec 6, Week 15) Lab Cleanup

Notes for 2022-12-06.

New Assignments

  1. New assignment, due Thursday: please prepare a 6-8 minute presentation on the outcome of your project to begin your project critique. The recommended mode is to use a draft of your final report post for visual content, but you may prepare separate slides if you wish. Please address the specifics of how your project explored the semester theme of balancing automated and human processes in a hybrid collaborative performance.

    Note of advice: please avoid claiming your project is “successful”; it is always better to be specific and present observations which build your case. Making broad claims puts an audience on the defense because you are telling them how to think; showing them evidence brings them naturally to your conclusions.

  2. New assignment, due Friday: Final Project Documentation.


You are welcome to use any of the media I recorded: RCP-F22-media.


  1. Brief discussion of show.

  2. Discuss final report.

  3. Discuss Thursday critique.

  4. Final documentation, if needed.

  5. Disassemble projects, return components.