Juggling Machines

ETH Zurich Blind Juggler

Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control (IDSC) at the Swiss university ETH Zurich.

Robustness Demo - Blind Juggler - IDSC ETH Zurich

The Circular Cloverleaf Blind Juggler - IDSC ETH Zurich

TUM Juggling Robots

TUM Volleyball

Volleyball robot, Pekarovskiy, Buss, et al, TUM.

TUM dribbling

Ultra-fast ball dribbling. Pekarovskiy, Saluja, Sarkar, Buss, TUM, Munich.

TUM Box Catching

Non-prehensile box catching. Pekarovskiy, Stockmann, Okada, Buss, TUM, Munich.

Martin Buehler, Al Rizzi

See [9], [10]

Chris Atkeson

Shannon juggler

ATR Humanoid juggling and devil-sticking

3 Ball Blind Paddle Juggling

Claude Shannon

Claude Shannon juggling

Also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Claude_Shannon