Our class calendar shows that we will hold Individual Technical Rehearsals on Thursday, April 18. For the Individual Technical Rehearsal each team will have a time slot to rig, present their performance, de-rig, and receive feedback (notes) from Olivia and Garth.  Each team’s tech rehearsal will last about 30 minutes (including the rigging, performance, de-rigging and discussion). We will video record the performances at the Individual Technical Rehearsal.


Each team is expected to present their full performance during the Individual Technical Rehearsal. This performance must be at least 3 minutes and no longer than 10 minutes. The performance includes using the lighting, motors, rigging, performance fabrics or objects, and performance computer. Teams should rehearse using all of these elements together (at least in the VR-green-area in A5) prior to this Technical Rehearsal in Kresge.

What Will be Provided for You

For the Individual Technical Rehearsal, you will be provided with the items listed below. If you need additional equipment, you will need to bring it with you for the Individual Technical Rehearsal.

Provided Equipment:

  • 4 C-Stands with sandbags
  • 4 Capstan Motor Blocks (each with 4 motors per block) like what we have been using in the classroom. Each Capstan Motor Block will be attached to one of the four C-Stands and wired to a USB hub on the control computer.
  • 6 DMX footlights set up with power, DMX cables and USB interface.
  • 1 Computer connected to the Capstan Motor Blocks and DMX Lights. This computer will be set up next to the stage.
  • 2 MIDI controller attached to the computer

What You Will Need to Provide

Teams will need to prepare for the Individual Technical Rehearsal.  We have created the following checklist of items for this Tech Rehearsal. This includes a few diagrams that you will need to make that show how you will set up particular elements of the performance (lighting, rigging, and the stage in general). These will be shared with Garth and Olivia.


  • Lighting Diagram (due Tuesday Apr 16)
  • Rigging Diagram (due Tuesday Apr 16)
  • Stage Diagram (due Tuesday Apr 16)
  • Your custom computer code
  • Your fabric performance pieces and/or objects
  • Full performance, lighting, and rigging rehearsed prior to the Individual Technical Rehearsal