Tues. Apr. 6, 2021, 10:30AM to 12:20PM (Zoom)

Today’s class is primarily devoted to discussion and review.


  • Brief check-in.
  • Any questions?


In-Class Activities

More precedent work (see below).

Anyone have any particular updates they would like to share with the class?

Individual group breakout sessions. Garth and Olivia will move from group to group to consult.

Assignment 18

Due: Thursday, April 8 (Day 19).

Your Project 1 is due for our next class. In this final stretch of the project you should work to resolve any elements of your project. Thursday’s class will be “show time”. Your main focus should be looking at what is working well in your project and then documenting your project well.

If your project is fully working, focus on creating compelling documentation that tells the narrative of your work. If your project is not fully realized how you have planned, take a close look at it and ask, what is working? Focus on finding and finishing what is working. Find an underlining authentic elements that are working. Then use documentation to tell the story of the part that is working.

Documenting the narrative of the work means observing the work and describing what the work is actually doing. It is not the story of the process (we have already done that with all the other posts), it is now the story of the finished work. It is often very hard to see a work separate from what we had hoped it would become. This is the time to challenge yourself to the work for itself.

What series of photos and/or videos will tell the best story? How can you direct our focus with your documentation? How can your title or your writing help us see what you are seeing?

  • For Thursday, April 8, create a blog post with documentation of Project 1.
  • Come prepared to share your documentation of your project in the class.


3D printed textiles


Self Assembly Labs


Documentation Examples