Project Two: Digital – Physical Transformations

The scope of the second project is to extend the system from project one to include physical fabrication of a generated form.  This will extend the notions of ‘transformation’ and ‘output’ to include both mathematical and physical machine processes.  This will explore the effects of incorporating the analog qualities of physical materials into a purely … [Read more…]

Exercise Four: Animated Sketch

Description In this exercise students will create a digital drawing machine and project it onto a physical canvas to prompt a physical, hand drawn sketch. Students will create an algorithmically generated pattern and project it onto a 2’x2’ canvas, to prompt fellow classmates in free-hand sketching experiments. Patterns should be informed by fundamental compositional techniques … [Read more…]

Reverse Engineering Lab

Overview There is no silver bullet for making a high fidelity copy of a physical object in a digital modeling environment. Most processes take careful planning, understanding of technological constraints, and significant post processing to achieve suitable results. The following discusses relevant considerations and workflows for reverse engineering using Rhino’s modeling environment. Rhino’s Bias Rhino … [Read more…]