Assignment 1: Running Mold

Due: start of class Wed Jan 22

The objective of the assignment is to prepare tooling for an in-class running mold workshop on Jan 22. We will group the class into six groups. Each group will be responsible for fabricating a running mold sled to use in class. Each individual will be responsible for designing and fabricating a profile blade. During class, each group will produce a plaster part using one or more of the profiles.

As scaffolding, we are providing CAD models and drawings to use as a starting point.

Blade Profiles

We are basing the design of the profiling tool on the existing blades used with the robot. It is an arbitrary standard, but will keep your tools compatible with the robot end tooling for future use. The lab blades are made from milled steel, but it is acceptable to fabricate them from thin acrylic or plywood if additional support structure is provided by including a thicker backing plate.

Following is a mechanical drawing of the existing contours and mounting holes.


Each group is responsible for fabricating a running mold sled. We will provide a tabletop surface and an 80/20 rail against which to run the sled. The sled must rigidly support the blade and provide guide surfaces to ride along the table and the 1-inch high side rail.

A sketch of a sample design is available in the files below which looks like the following:

Sample Files

Following are the PDF drawing file, sample SolidWorks part, and several sample Rhino parts.

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