Spring 2021 Bibliography

Lists of citations selected by students as part of the Assignments.

Exercise 1: Academic Literature Tools

  • A Soft Robotic Tongue—Mechatronic Design and Surface Reconstruction [R63]

  • Electroactive textile actuators for wearable and soft robots [R33]

  • Fabric sensory sleeves for soft robot state estimation [R116]

  • Morphing Origami Block for Lightweight Reconfigurable System [R50]

  • Resilient yet entirely degradable gelatin-based biogels for soft robots and electronics [R9]

  • Room Temperature Self-Healing in Soft Pneumatic Robotics: Autonomous Self-Healing in a Diels-Alder Polymer Network [R99]

  • Soft LEGO: Bottom-Up Design Platform for Soft Robotics [R58]

  • The octopus as paradigm for soft robotics [R19]

Exercise 2: Reading and Skimming

  • A Bending Pneumatic Rubber Actuator Realizing Soft-bodied Manta Swimming Robot [R98]

  • A novel type of compliant and underactuated robotic hand for dexterous grasping [R25]

  • An ultra-lightweight design for imperceptible plastic electronics [R45]

  • DefeXtiles: 3D Printing Quasi-Woven Fabric via Under-Extrusion [R29]

  • Embedded 3D Printing of Strain Sensors within Highly Stretchable Elastomers [R72]

  • GoQBot: a caterpillar-inspired soft-bodied rolling robot [R62]

  • Laser Cutting as a Rapid Method for Fabricating Thin Soft Pneumatic Actuators and Robots [R4]

  • MagWorm: A Biomimetic Magnet Embedded Worm-Like Soft Robot [R76]

  • Morphing Origami Block for Lightweight Reconfigurable System [R50]

  • PneUI: pneumatically actuated soft composite materials for shape changing interfaces [R113]

  • Printed Paper Actuator: A Low-cost Reversible Actuation and Sensing Method for Shape Changing Interfaces [R106]

  • Puffy, a Friendly Inflatable Social Robot [R102]

  • Sculpting Soft Machines [R6]

  • Soft Biomimetic Fish Robot Made of Dielectric Elastomer Actuators [R90]

  • Soft Inflatable Sensing Modules for Safe and Interactive Robots [R51]

  • Venous Materials: Towards Interactive Fluidic Mechanisms [R71]

  • Wearable tactile keypad with stretchable artificial skin [R54]

  • bioPrint: A Liquid Deposition Printing System for Natural Actuators [R114]

Exercise 4: Peer Review

  • Augmenting Soft Robotics with Sound [R11]

  • Development of Magnet Connection of Modular Units for Soft Robotics [R57]

  • Kinematic Evaluation of a Series of Soft Actuators in Designing an Eel-inspired Robot [R75]

  • Print On Air: FDM 3D Printing Without Supports [R27]

  • SkinTrack: Using the Body as an Electrical Waveguide for Continuous Finger Tracking on the Skin [R117]

  • Wearable Lymphedema Massaging Modules: Proof of Concept using Origami-inspired Soft Fabric Pneumatic Actuators [R115]

  • Weaving a Second Skin: Exploring Opportunities for Crafting On-Skin Interfaces Through Weaving [R97]

Exercise 5: Art and Design Inspiration

  • Behnaz Farahi, IRIDESCENCE || Color & Shape Changing Emotive Collar [V6]

  • EJTECH, 48 channel textile sound system [V5]

  • EJTECH, Phase In, Phase Out [W36]

  • Judit Kárpáti, Soft Interfaces - Crossmodal Textile Interactions [A18]

  • Michel Blazy, White Night (foam installation) [V2]

  • Nils Völker, Ninety Six [W38] [V11]

  • Wearable Technologies, Portable Architectures and the Vicissitudes of the Space Between [A12]

  • Wireality: Enabling Complex Tangible Geometries in Virtual Reality with Worn Multi-String Haptics [R26]

  • XS Labs, kukkia & vilkas [W39]

  • Ying Gao, Possible Tomorrows [W12] [V14]

  • Ying Gao, (No)where (Now)here: Two Gaze-activated Dresses by Ying Gao [W9] [V4]

  • Ying Gao, Flowing Water, Standing Time [W14] [W13]

Exercise 6: Infusing Art with Technology

  • Anouk Wipprecht, The Spider Dress [W28] [V12]

  • Chiharu Shiota, Counting Memories [W35] [W37]

  • Initial Investigations into Characterizing DIY E-Textile Stretch Sensors [R96]

  • Jenny Sabin, LUMEN [V21]

  • John Edmark, BLOOMS [W3] [V8]

  • Octopus Arm-Inspired Tapered Soft Actuators with Suckers for Improved Grasping [R110]

  • Philip Beesley, Hylozoic Soil [V20] [W16]

  • Significant enhancement of out-coupling efficiency for yarn-based organic light-emitting devices with an organic scattering layer [R53]

  • Social immersive media: pursuing best practices for multi-user interactive camera/projector exhibits [R93]

  • Target tracking with binary proximity sensors: fundamental limits, minimal descriptions, and algorithms [R91]

  • Tendril-Based Climbing Plants to Model, Simulate and Create Bio-Inspired Robotic Systems [R104]

  • Weather Worlds [V7] [W6]

  • Weaving a Second Skin: Exploring Opportunities for Crafting On-Skin Interfaces Through Weaving [R97]

  • Yasushi Matoba, Interactive splash display projects images into air [W19] [V19]

Exercise 7B: Research: Means and Methods

  • Artificial Muscles for Underwater Soft Robotic System [R108]

  • Direct ink writing advances in multi-material structures for a sustainable future [R84]

  • Embroidered Resistive Pressure Sensors: A Novel Approach for Textile Interfaces [R1]

  • PneUI: pneumatically actuated soft composite materials for shape changing interfaces [R113]

  • Skin-Mimic Hydrogel Materials with Water-Perspiration Control for Soft Robots Developed by 3D Printing [R46]

  • SkinWire: Fabricating a Self-Contained On-Skin PCB for the Hand [R48]

  • Toward a modular soft sensor-embedded glove for human hand motion and tactile pressure measurement [R34]