Bibliography of Soft Art (S22)

The readings are a centerpiece of the course. We will together be exploring the soft robotics and art literature. Following are some suggested starting points for literature searches in the arts. The Guide to Library Resources page addresses more details of the literature search process.

The sources are categorized in the following sections with brief descriptions. The citations in the descriptions link further below to the full bibliographic references. A few papers relate to the Videos of Related Work.

In the first iteration of the course, the bibliography was quite expansive and addressed many areas of soft art. It is archived on the previous site iteration as Bibliography of Soft Art (S21)

Surveys and Overviews of Soft Robotic Art

  • Constructing Soft Robot Aesthetics. Art, Sensation, and Materiality in Practice [A8] (2019). A PhD thesis analyzing the potential for soft robotics, architecture, and sculpture to inform each other, with discussion of many relevant references.

Kinetic Soft Sculpture

Kinetic works using non-textile soft materials.

  • Nina Galić. “Kinetic sculpture with tentacles”. 2010. [A7]

  • Ingrid Bachmann [A6]. PELT (BESTIARY) [A5]. Series of kinetic interactive sculptures representing the bestial in neoprene “fur”.

Soft Architecture

Research and projects involving soft materials in architecture.

  • Pneusystems, biological cellular pneumatic systems for architectural envelopes. [A3]

    • “Nervous Ether”, 2013. Cellular pneumatic aggregates, soft architecture systems. [A11]

    • Pneusystems. Cellular pneumatic membrane-based assemblies. [A10]

  • Biokinesis: A Soft Kinetic Architectural Skin. 2015. [A9]

Soft Sculpture

Non-kinetic works using silicone and other non-textile soft materials.

  • Patricia Piccinini [A2]. Many works including hyperreal silicone sculpture.

  • Ken Rinaldo, Suckle Bots. “The Suckle Bots are a series of cuddly robots about the size of a human fetus….They are created with a soft latex pink rubber and feel like human skin.” [A4]

  • Erica Gray [A1]. A variety of soft artifacts and wearables.

  • “Hyper-realist” silicone sculpture (soft, non-kinetic)

    • Patricia Piccinini

    • Ron Mueck

    • Jamie Salmon

    • Evan Penny

    • Sam Jinks

    • Thomas Kuebler

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