Project 00

Complete as many sub-projects as you can, in order, before the next class:

  1. Draw a circle with a stroke and a fill in the center of the screen
  2. Draw 200 circles of increasing size and color value in a rectangular grid
  3. Animate a circle so it chases your cursor, like a ghost chasing after Pac-Man
  4. Draw three circles with different personalities that chase your cursor
  5. Build your own copy of or Boomshine
  6. Animate two shapes with the following script (for inspiration: Heider and Simmel):
    1. Shapes enter scene
    2. Shapes begin discussion
    3. Shapes begin to bicker
    4. Shapes angrily walk away from each other, leaving the scene


  1. A Git repo (hosted on GitHub) with a separate folder for each sub-project
  2. All code for each project, liberally commented
  3. Screen recordings (video or GIF) of each sub-project