Final Project


Create a physical and interactive object or experience.


This project is a culmination of all of the skillbuilding you’ve done this semester. As such, we expect you to incorporate as much of the things you’ve learned as is possible/feasible/desirable for your project. That being said, don’t shoehorn things in that don’t fit, just to check off boxes.


Monday, April 10th — Mid Review Crit (guest critics review sketches, demo of physical prototype)
Wednesday, April 26th — Final Check In (in class, without guest critics)
Monday, May 1st — Final Crit (fully working project, prepared demo presentation)
Saturday, May 13th — Final Documentation Due @ Midnight (for all projects)



  • At least one physical I/O component
    • Sensor or Actuator
  • Computation
    • This project requires some analysis of input data: filtering, deciphering, projecting, predicting, etc.
  • Physical form
    • The physical characteristics of your project must be considered and intentional.
  • Documentation
    • High fidelity video explaining and demonstrating the project
      • Must be shot on a DSLR or better
      • Intentional lighting (outside, near window, in a studio, in a gallery, etc)
      • Tripod. Stability. No shaky cams.
    • At least one high resolution photograph of your project.
    • Brief written description of your project, explaining the purpose and components.

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