Unity 3D Resources

Projects for this class will be developed using the Unity game development engine.    It is recommended that all students download and install the application ahead of the first assignment.  The “Personal” edition is free to install and use.

Unity Website –

Beginner Tutorials – get to know the basics of how to work with Unity. I recommend running through the “Roll-a-ball” and “Space Shooter” tutorials. For a more advanced challenge, try out the “Survival Shooter” tutorial.

Unity Game Jam Starter Kit – helpful packages from the Unity Asset Store to help you make your games quicker

Brackeys YouTube Channel – excellent Unity tutorials on a wide range of subjects. Lots of good answers can be found here.

Lynda – Carnegie Mellon students have full access to the entire Lynda library of tutorials. (Please note: many of the Unity courses are aging poorly)

IDeATe Resources

IDeATe Information

IDeATe Helpdesk:

IDeATe Lending Library – Hunt A29 (Basement)