moire Speaker test Hans Jenny’s cymatics tests inspired me to attempt recreating similar patterns using moiré patterns. Hans Jenny Cymatics

Originally, I planned to use two sheets of screen printed glass with a transducer attached to the back sheet. Each sheet of glass would have concentric circles printed on the surface. I theorized the glass would vibrate based on tones played through the transducer, creating interference patterns.

This attempt worked slightly, but not to the effect I hoped. I decided to turn this glass piece into a “classic” framed print.

moire print

the mat between the two layers allows the middle move slightly as the viewer engages with the print I screen printed the pattern on thermoform styrene to create a water dish.

This test produced interesting results, but the concept seemed to become about dancing water on a speaker, vs. creating cymatic patterns. Additionally, the water spilled everywhere (electronics are involved lol).

For a final test, I created two domes (clear and white thermoforms), attached the white to the base of the transducer and clear to the movement part.