Screaming Go

Roles: Luigi Cannatti – Max Patch Programming and Audio Recording
Arnav Luthra – Documentation and Audio Recording

Max Patch Description: Our project utilized to read a recorded game of Go and determine the number of pieces in each row. Using this data, we created a step sequencer wherein the number of pieces determines the intensity of the player’s “voice”. We used two different sets of sample banks for the white and black pieces respectively.

Sound recordings: Luigi recorded himself grunting, moaning, and screaming at 11 different levels of intensity. I recorded a few clips of a little sister and then filled in the blanks with a few grunting and breathing samples of my own.

Final Impressions: Overall we were both quite happy with the result. Our original intention with this project was to riff on the stoic nature of Go and I think we accomplished this well. To improve this further, we could have it working with an actual Go board.