Self Directed: 2HandedGrainThang

My goal for this project was to use the Leapmotion controller to create a rhythmic composition. I’d tried a few different kinds of drum sequencers with varied and less than musical results, and was on to trying to use it to ‘play drums in the air’ when i got the idea of using the Grabstrength and Pinchstrength measurements from the Leapmostion object to edit parameters.

I mapped the angular position of my hand to the playback position of a pinch of audio I’d loaded into Grainstretch~ and used Grabstrength to select a point to Jump back to periodically. I could then Pinch and drag vertically to lengthen or shorted that period.
I threw that on top of a rhythmic delay loop I’d built earlier in the semester and just jammed. The controls are still a little sketchier than I’d like. Future development will include different systems for monitoring data from pinch and grab strength and maybe more specific machine learning for gestural control. (apologies for the glitchyness of the video, I couldn’t hear the output and my computer my computer was running a little too hot)