Final Project: Journey Experience

By: Roberto Andaya


The Journey Experience is a extension of the Journey Car in a previous project. Its an attempt at trying to get more meaning behind the game and increase player cooperation compared to its previous iteration.

To reach the goal of creating cooperation I needed to create two 3pi controlled systems that are controlled by wixel chips that would allow for remote control of the 3pi movements. There would also need to be a camera system so that each player could see one another


Above is a picture of the main course. Constructed into three sections: Meeting, Puzzle, Conclusion. In the meeting section the 3pi robots would meet one another and enter the second section together. Once the door opens they would be able to complete a puzzle of creating a ramp. When the ramp is assembled they would climb it to reach the next area. The final area is the conclusion of the “journey” they have commenced and a message would be stated.



The door system of the first area is powered by an arduino system that is activated by a photoresistor and moved by a motor system.

Arduino Code


Here is the schematic of the arduino set up


This is the what the puzzle ramp structure would generally be composed of. The robots would have to work together to move these structures to the correct position. All these pieces were laser cut and specifically made such that they can move up the ramp without getting stuck from any inconsistencies


This is the end structure ramp that the 3pi robots would go down on completion of their experience and have a message at the end.




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