“ivee” by Interactive Voice (2014)

Ivee is a voice activated personal assistant alarm clock for your home. Like most voice controlled devices, it uses a key phrase that must be said (in this case “ivee”), after which the device makes a chime and the user can speak their command. Ivee can do a variety of tasks as a stand alone product such as play radio, check stocks, check the weather, etc. However, if the user also owns other IoT devices, ivee can connect with them and allow you to control those other devices with your voice. This is arguably ivee’s key feature. Currently ivee can connect with many different smart home companies such as Hue, Iris, Nest, and WeMo. This allows ivee to control lighting, temperature and more. Finally, it does not abandon its responsibility as a clock: it can also tell you the time.

Vimeo / ivee – via Iframely

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