One-in-one-out: Conductive Acoustic

Earlier this week the class was tasked to design and build a one-input-one-output interactive object that senses the world. The project should take the sensed information and actualize it in ways humans can perceive.

Coming from a musical background, my teammate Craig and I decided to take some input and create a sound output. We decided to use conductive fabric specifically, to create an electric instrument, after seeing its capabilities earlier this semester . Using an Arduino to take in the analog inputs from two string, we were able to stretch and pull at the rubber to create some noise. After hacking away at some digital outputs and sifting through the box of speakers, we were able to come up with a working prototype with two strings.

Jump to the Noise Box post to see what we did with this idea next.

YouTube / Jaime Chu – via Iframely

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