One in One Out: Waypoint 1.0

Waypoint is a glove that connects your sense of direction with your sense of sound. It connects to your phone using bluetooth and based on a location that you input into an app using gps coordinates, will produce a nice drum beat that will help you point towards that location. When you get off track the music will become dissonant and start to give you a feeling of going in the wrong direction. This gives you a audio cue that you should be going a different way. The audio, when using headphones is perceived as coming from the direction you should be going. Additionally, there are some led’s on the glove that help give a more precise direction to go to.

It uses a light blue bean as its primary micro-controller and a compass sensor on the tip of the glove. Additionally, it can use any headphones and any iPhone because the app should work on any IOS device that has bluetooth.



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